Grammar Rabble at Kalamazoo

Only a few more days until the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo! Check out the sessions that have been recommended by In The Middle and the Material Collective.

The Grammar Rabble will be having its first business meeting and its first session this year (based on one of the sessions last year that roused the rabble). If you will be at Kalamazoo, please join us! The business meeting will be Saturday, noon, Fetzer 2016, immediately before our session. It’s our first chance to discuss together, in person, what we want to do with our loosely collected selves. If you aren’t going to be at Kalamazoo and want to suggest something, then drop me a line at chrispiuma snail gmail point com and I’ll bring it up at the meeting.

Our roundtable session is called:

“Unsettled Marks: To #;()@?”:—*!… and Beyond!”

Punctuation marks infiltrate and inform our everyday experiences, but they have their own histories as well. They structure, relate, balance, and invoke; they collide, confuse, limit, and terminate. This roundtable, sponsored by the Grammar Rabble, takes punctuation and other typographical marks as the starting point for eclectic and inventive readings/meditations on Medieval Studies. This session will continue to expand our sense of what punctuation is and in what ways it can be read.

Saturday, 1:30pm, Fetzer 2016
Organizer: Richard H. Godden, Tulane Univ., and Shyama Rajendran, George Washington Univ.
Presider: Shyama Rajendran

☧ Chrismon “Can Be Set Down as a Sign Wherever the Writer Likes”
Damian Fleming, Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ.–Fort Wayne
Students, Period
Kisha G. Tracy, Fitchburg State Univ.
In Search of Lost Punctuation: The Medieval Uses and the Modern Absence of the Paraph
Sarah Noonan, Lindenwood Univ.
You’ve Been Punc’t
Cameron Hunt McNabb, Southeastern Univ.
Tiro and the Druids
Bruce Holsinger, Univ. of Virginia
Poetry /
Chris Piuma, Univ. of Toronto, and David Hadbawnik, Univ. at Buffalo


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